But I Only Want To Have One Conversation!

It has been said that for a task to run efficiently, there needs to be four conversations between the parties. Communication is the key, not just talking to each other. These conversation styles bring trust, productivity, and accountability into every facet of life (see The Four Conversations).

The Four Conversations a la Unicorns

Initiative Conversation:

A gala of unicorns was discovered last week in the Enchanted Forest. The unicorns were seen carrying widgets to and from the Leopluridons. Acme Company wanted to utilize their quick and efficient delivery system to gain a competitive edge over Cloverleaf Industries. They were approached to join Acme Company and take over their folder delivery team. The unicorns running and rainbow creation indicated they were excited about working for Acme.

Understanding Conversation:

A conversation with the site supervisors as well as the logistics team was initiated one week after the hire of the unicorns. It was explained to them that in order for the company to remain competitive they need to accept the existence of unicorns. They agreed to help the unicorns into the transition of life inside Acme’s walls.

Performance Conversation:

Upon their hire, it was explained to the unicorns what expectations for them  were. The unicorns were to deliver the folders to and from the different Manufacturing Departments and Distribution Centers of Acme twice daily. They were to also to get sign offs from the Site Supervisors indicating that they did receive their deliverables.

Closure Conversation:

The unicorns have proven on several occasions that they are unreliable at delivering the folders in a timely manner, or in some cases at all. Their inability to produce deliverables (of delivery), puts everyone’s ability to complete their tasks in jeopardy. Acme’s reputation with their clients as well as with the woodland creatures is on the line and in this economic climate, tough decisions have to be made. It has been decided that the unicorns will no longer be needed in the logistics department. Instead of getting rid of the unicorns, because they are valued employees of Acme Company, they will be retasked to the glitter manufacturing department

-Samantha Kittles

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